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The reason for our success is based on clinical trials

Any product that supposes to solve a product should be able to prove it via testing. When a product is meant to solve a medical problem then it should be clinically tested and be approved. Because of this reason Duo Confort has been tested extensively via clinical trials and proven very successful.

Fully aware of the fact that snorers are overwhelmed with anti snoring methods that simply don’t work, we want to show you that our stop snoring mouthpiece has been clinically tested on 120 patients with the following results.

The effectiveness of Duo Confort is proven: the results

Duo Confort has been clinically tested by authorised medical scientists. We have achieved very good results in these trials. The test group existed of 74 males and 46 females between 55 and 90 years old; in this age category snoring is more severe and more difficult to solve.

Between the test subjects there were not only patients that stopped snoring using Duo Confort but also patients that stopped snoring for months after having used the anti snoring mouthpiece. For light snorers it was enough to use the anti snoring mouthpiece during a couple of hours to stop snoring permanently.

Duo Confort: effective for 92% of the snorers

After tracking the test subjects for various months the results turned out to be much more positive than expected. As much as 92% of the patients was satisfied to very satisfied:

  • The "very satisfied" test subjects were patients who corrected their way of breathing and because of this did not need to wear the anti snoring mouthpiece after some months.
  • The "satisfied" test subjects were patients who stopped snoring but needed to maintain wearing the anti snoring mouthpiece.
  • The last group of 8% that was "unsatisfied" because of varying reasons. Among other reasons there was chronic coughing and excessive production of saliva that pushed the anti snoring mouthpiece out and thus lost its effect.


A test was carried out with the loudest snoring clients, in all 120 patients

Conclusion: Duo Confort works and adapts to you

Besides the 92% satisfied (ex)snorers (an up to now never achieved percentage), the best outcome of the trials was that the patients adapted their breathing and thus reeducated their body. Because of this the anti snoring mouthpiece wasn’t even necessary anymore after using it for a short time.

Successful percentage of Duo Confort

Try Duo Confort without any risk

Duo Confort offers you the opportunity to try our anti snoring mouthpiece completely risk free for 7 days. Might the anti snoring mouthpiece not meet your expectations we will refund you completely.

Try Duo Confort now, completely risk free and stop snoring for once and for all.

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