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Duo Confort the snoring mouth guard that adapts to you

You snore and you want it to stop? Duo Confort offers the solution. The Duo Confort snoring mouth guard has a clinically proven success rate of 92%, with as main reason that it adapts very easily to your mouth.

A solution for every snorer and those who suffer from it

We know that very often the person who snores is not the only person who suffers. Therefore, we developed a snoring mouth guard that not only benefits the health of the snorer but also improves the lives of those who suffer from the noise. Suffering from snoring is obviously much more than just the noise, other related (health) issues could be migraines, insomnia and therefore feeling sleepy during the day, or relationship problems.

A large proportion of the adult population suffers from snoring. Which makes finding a solution for this problem very important, not only for the health of the snorer but also for the welfare of those around him.

We know that there are many different snoring aids, but we also know that most of them do not work or only for a very short period of time. We tested both the traditional anti snoring methods as several anti snoring products, but none of them seemed to work. This is why we developed the Duo Confort mouthguard for snoring and brought it to perfection.

So, this is Duo Confort´s history in a nutshell. We developed the snoring mouth guard and after extensive clinical testing we can now say we made a product to stop snoring.

Duo Confort, the anti snoring solution for 92% of all snorers

The Duo Confort snoring mouth guard easily adapts to your mouth, making an end of all your snoring problems. The snoring mouthguard has a clever ergonomic design which brings fantastic results to both light and heavy snorers.

Trust in Duo Confort makes an end to your snoring problems

We know that there are so many snoring aids that claim to help you to stop snoring, while in reality they do not work. And we understand that before you believe our promises, you first would like to try out the snoring mouth guard for yourself. Therefore, we offer Duo Confort for the introductory price of £19,95 (including shipping). And if the snoring mouth guard does not meet your expectations, we will give you a complete refund on your purchase.

Try Duo Confort now, completely risk free and stop snoring for once and for all.

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