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How to use Duo Confort

Duo Confort is an anti snoring mouthpiece made of hypo allogenous material, this is a high quality anti allergic material. The anti snoring mouthpiece can be used for occasional or vast snoring and for mild forms of sleep apnoea.

The anti snoring mouthpiece is to be placed in the mouth to regain a healthy way of breathing and putting an end to your snoring problems.

Using Duo Confort is childsplay

The anti snoring mouthpiece is to be placed between the teeth and cheeks, that is behind the lips. Whilst you’re sleeping your mouth educates itself to the new position and therefore the soft palate will not obstruct your airways any longer.

If you are an occasional snorder then you can also use the anti snoring mouthpiece during the day. Wearing the anti snoring mouthpiece for 1 to 3 hours during the day can be enough to put an end to your occasional snoring problems.

If you are a vast snorder then we advise to use Duo Confort during the night. You will get used to the anti snoring mouthpiece very soon and will stop snoring directly.

We recommend against the use of Duo Confort in the following cases:

  • Known allergy to silicone.
  • Nasal obstruction.
  • Incorrect dental occlusion.
  • Intensive cough.
  • Mouth tissue lesions.
  • Mental illness, dementia.

How much would you spend on a snore free night?

There are many recipes against snoring that are free or almost free. There exist traditional methods against snoring that are almost at zero cost. But how many of those are actually effective? And for how long?

Try Duo Confort now, completely risk free and stop snoring for once and for all.

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