This is how it works:

DUO CONFORT consists of a small membrane made of an anti-allergic material. It is used against both constant or occasional snoring as well as for treatment of dangerous sleep apnoea. With this membrane that is inserted into the mouth in front of the lips. You will hardly sense it and your body trains itself to re-establish healthy respiration - and snoring disappears.

How is DUO CONFORT® used?

The membrane is inserted between the dentures and cheeks, namely in front of the teeth.

What's still better:

If you snore only occasionally, you can insert the membrane during the day. 1 to 3 hours daily and your snoring problem is gone once and for all! On the other hand, if you are one of those very strong snorers, it is high-time to act. Then, wear the small membrane also at night. You will not sense it. It does not hinder you. But it ensures that you breathe properly and finally sleep at peace once again - same as the beloved person, who lies next to you!

What you need to know about snoring:

Sleep apnoea is a life-threatening disease.

  • Most snorers are unaware of these symptoms, the partner on the other hand suffers most often from the loud snoring - divided bedrooms are often an infallible sign of a sleep apnoea.
  • Snoring is not only an annoying nuisance that disturbs sleep, but also the cause for many illnesses.
  • Untreated chronic sleep apnoea can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiac and vascular diseases.
  • Further problems can be memory weakness, overweight, impotence and migraine.
  • Moreover, an untreated chronic sleep apnoea is frequently responsible for under-performance at work and often the cause for car accidents.

Most physicians, who are consulted for snoring problems do not know that the currently known "methods" against snoring usually have more side-effects than benefits (just think of the poor people, who are made to sleep with respirators by their physicians and chronically suffer from a cold due to the continuous draught. Not to mention the relaxed sleep!)

With DUO CONFORT®, there is finally a solution against snoring and sleep apnoea that does not hinder the affected people during sleep and lets them sleep healthy and relaxed once again - a real breakthrough!

With DUO CONFORT®, your snoring and the associated health risks and complications vanish within the shortest time!

At market launch, you will receive DUO CONFORT® at the sensationally cheap price of only € 19.95. You will receive 1 original packing DUO CONFORT® - and that is sufficient to live 6-12 months snore-free!

How much would you spend for a quiet night with healthy sleep?

With DUO CONFORT, fully quiet sleep costs you just 5 cents each night as part of this introductory offer! That's nothing when compared to what you gain:

  • You will relax finally during sleep.
  • Because there is no more sleep apnoea, your brain also rests and becomes supplied with sufficient oxygen at night.
  • Chronic daytime fatigue disappears.
  • Falling asleep in front of the television or even when driving - you need not fear about it any longer.
  • Your ability to concentrate - also at work - increases considerably.
  • A sudden drop in performance in the middle of your work or during one of your beloved hobbies - that's all gone forever!
  • Yes, even if the sleep apnoea, as a result of snoring, has triggered long-term medical complications in you, such as memory weakness, overweight, lack of sexual desire or migraine, these symptoms will soon disappear.

All those are convincing reasons. However, the most important reason is:

You finally feel good about yourself. And your partner will thank you lifelong, once the snoring at night has come to an end.

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